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Best boat games are here! We collect boat games all over the web and present them to you here at! You will have an unforgettable experience if you are a boat lover...We have boats, ships, kayaks even rafts and all that to satisfy every taste. If you like water and being out on the sea you will find that some of the games can bring that feeling of the wind in your hair and golden sun reflection on water...of course nothing can really replace it. :) If you are a speed boat fan for example, there are games for you too. You must like a roaring engine behind you with so many horse power that makes your head spin. Rippling waves behind you and foamy water beneath. Drive them to the limits of hull endurance and avoid all those obstacles one can find in the water. Speed is your name my friend! And then there are those who like pirates and pirate ships with large sails and skull and bones on black flag, without any mistake, the pirates flag. There are games featuring pirate fights and plunder of gold and even walking the plank. Lost treasure hunt and lost islands are the name of the game. All hands on deck and fair winds to you my friend! Lets not forget the mighty cruise ships, the biggest boats in the world with all their luxury and splendors. Cruise all over the world and back and do not forget to visit the Caribbeans, the most beautiful place on earth. And there would be no naval games without cannons and cannon fights. Equip you ship with best cannons and sink your enemies to the bottom of the sea! Rip that boat apart and plunder the gold. Best of luck Captain and good winds! If you like parking stuff and vehicles and you think you are good at it we suggest you try parking a boat or to say it better, docking a boat. The conditions are a little bit different than on the ground. So, as you can see, we have a lot to offer and a little bit of something for everyone's pleasure. Feel free to browse around and find just the right one among all those boat games we prepared here at! Just like you are playing with remote control boat games. A tons of free rc boat and speed boat games. And if you are in military mood, you will find a plenty of army boat games and war boat games too. If you feel like it, you can even build your own boat game, just by playing build boat games with us. Feel like chilling out? Go fishing with our fishing boat games. If you are looking something specific you could check our all boat games section anytime. Have a sunny day out on the sea! :)
Did you know?
Many famous superheros have also been fascinated with speed boats and super fast boast, such as Spider-man for instance. He drives his famous Spider-Man Games Boat Speeder RTR, and of course the famous boat scene in Spiderman Shattered Dimensions. You can find more boats and spiderman games for kids right there.

best boating games of 2013/2014

But how do you know which ones are the best boating games out there? That's where our list comes in. We have taken out all the boats and ran past the dinghy’s to let you know what the best boating games of 2013 are. Sailor GT HD is a charming little boater has everything that you would need to spend a day out on the high seas. Boat Rush 3D Racing is a racer which has the player taking the boat out into the high water among some strange and varied backdrops. The third boating game to come paddling onto this list is Absolute RC Boat Sim. This unique simulator takes boating to a whole new level.If you wish to go boating and can't brace the chill, just download one of the games on this list to get that excitement that only boating can offer.

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Do you know who Tom and Jerry are? Big clumpsy old cat and nosy mouse. If you like boats than you'll love to play with them in "Catcrossing" or in "Tom and Jerry Super Ski Stunts". If cat and mouse duo is what you like, you'll find more tom and jerry games right there on
Boat racing is a sport, so we have prepared more just for our sports fans and players. One of the most popular sports in the world is cricket. CricketGames247 is an excellent source of cricket games that we warmly recommend.
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